Pink October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. God's House International honors two very influential partners in health care and social work: Eleanora Washington (aka Ellie) and Nusaiba Jackson (aka Nu Legacy). Before she passed away from breast cancer, Ellie gave birth and raise 7 women, one of them was God's House International founder, Yvonne Washington. Ellie a pioneering social worker, was a hardworking migrant, who taught her family the importance of service before self and community outreach to homeless and vulnerable communities. Yvonne continued serving through health care and enlisted her children to continue this work. Yvonne's daughter Nu Legacy, was instrumental in the founding of God's House International. Before she passed from breast cancer, Nu Legacy also founded several businesses and supported multiple organizations whose work continues to reach and improve thousands of global communities.

Nusaiba passed away after a brief struggle with Breast Cancer. We at GHI would like to emphasize the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer amongst ALL WOMEN, but particularly in women of color under the age of 35.  

In honor of their contributions, God's House International salutes the work of our founder's mother and daughter and announces our campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. All donations offered during Pink October, December, and April will be strictly directed to our work in supporting cancer research, care, and prevention. Please donate in honor of your loved one and help us continue our important work to bridge medical, cultural, socioeconomic gaps at home and abroad.

Yvonne Washington-Turay,
Founder, God's House International